Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rocky & Maine

My schedule for the past few weeks has certainly been hectic. But then, what's new?
The last week of September found me leading a photography workshop in Rocky Mountain National Park. A week later, I was in northern Maine, leading another workshop and photographing moose.
The photo opps for elk in Rocky are always good during the rut and this year was no exception. However, we also came across a small band of bighorn sheep along Trailridge Road one morning on our way to the park's west side to photograph moose. That's two years in a row for bighorn rams. We also had the opportunity to work a group of mule deer, one of which was a fairly nice buck. There was not much in the way of fall color when the week started. However, by the time the week was over, it was a different story.
The moose photography in northern Maine was the best since my company first began offering workshops there some five years ago. Everyone in my group was "blown away" by the numerous up-close-and-personal photo opportunities experienced during the week.