Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rocky Mountain High

Mountain Goat  -  Mount Evans Wilderness, Colorado

Here's another images that I made during our last photo adventure on Mount Evans. Let me know if you like it. Also, it needs a name. I welcome you to share your ideas.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Recent Mount Evans Trip

Mountain Goat  -  Mount Evans Wilderness, Colorado

Lori and I recently conducted a guiding trip to Mount Evans for Joyce Edson, a friend and client who lives in Fort Morgan, Colorado. Over the years, I have experienced many successful trips to the mountain. However, in all the times I’ve been there, none has ever come close to the photo opportunities we experienced during our trip with Joyce.

You ask, what was so good about this particular trip? Well, here goes . . .  

We arrived at the summit parking lot shortly after 7:00 a.m. Mountain goats were everywhere. Some of the adults were comfortably lying in one of the few remaining un-melted snow banks, as their kids scampered about and played among them. Several were eating minerals from the soil near the toilets, while a couple of the more adventurous goats investigated the nooks and crannies in the burned out shell of Crest House. However, the best part was the almost continuous foray of goats among the rocks and boulders adjacent to Crest House that overlooked the area. These provided blue-sky backgrounds as we photographed the goats, seemingly posing just for us, throughout the entire morning – a total of almost five hours.

The ability to photograph mountain goats against a blue sky is something that does occur on Mount Evans. However, never in numerous trips over several decades of photographing the goats on the mountain have I ever experienced the number of really great photo opportunities as I encountered during this trip.

Truly, another wonderfl gift from nature.

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