Monday, July 2, 2012

"Song of the Spirit Bear"

Spirit Bear (aka Kermode)  -  Princess Royal Island, British Columbia

I invite all of my friends to click on the link below and check out the post by my dearest friend and vocalist, Louise du Toit, where she writes about one of several projects we are working on together. While you are there, listen to the song she composed and sings, "Song of the Spirit Bear," especially for this project.

What many do not know is that Canada is proposing a pipeline from Alberta, to the British Columbia coastline in the midst of the area where these lovely creatures reside. Docks and all manner of support housing would be constructed. Ships would then come into the heart of the Spirit Bear habitat, where their hulls would be filled with petroleum in preparation for shipment. That in itself would be disruptive and horrible to even think about, but add the likelyhood of a major oil spill and you can see why this project must be stopped.