Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to Sell Your Photos Make-Up Class

My 2008, Estes Park , Colorado, "How to Sell Your Photographs" workshop is now history. Although a few snow flakes fell, the weather cooperated allowing those who were snowed-in the previous weekend to attend yesterday's class. We had a good turnout with 17 people registering for the workshop. Some of the topics I covered included stock photography, photography and writing, gallery and museums,  and the secrets of selling on the internet. There were a lot of questions, which always makes for an interesting program.
My thanks to everyone who attended and helped make this workshop a success.
If you would like me to hold a How to Sell Your Photographs workshop in your area, contact me and I will get the ball rolling.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Snow Geese - Bosque del Apache NWR, NM
Celebrate Earth Day by donating to an environmental organization of your choice. Don't know which one to choose? Here's a couple that I think are worthy of your support: Center for Biological Diversity, World Wildlife Fund, and National Resource Defense Council.
As some of you have noticed, I haven't posted regularly on my blog for some time. The reason, I've been busy.  Much of my time has been spent putting together a new website for my photo adventures using Adobe GoLive, which I also used for my online eGallery. The new website is filled with images made during workshops, both by me as well as by participants. There is a page where viewer's can add updates to my book, A Guide to Photographing Rocky Mountain Wildlife. A couple of locations in the book are not as active as when the book was initially published, plus there are numerous other locations, both within and outside the Rocky Mountains, where you - the viewer - can have your favorite wildlife location listed. In another section, I will be writing about wildlife and wildlife photography on a regular basis. I invite you to check out my new website and share your comments with me. Click here:  RockyMountainPhotoAdventures
While working on the new website, I also managed to conduct several photography workshops, put on PowerPoint presentations for three different camera clubs, and attend the annual North American Nature Photography (NANPA) Summit in Albuquerque, NM. 
I have also been invited to put on a program for the Nature Photographers of the Pacific Northwest (NPPNW) this coming November. I will be posting more about that as time draws closer and I have more details.
Last Saturday, I conducted my How to Sell Your Photos workshop in Estes Park, CO. However, due to a spring snowstorm, many who had signed up for the workshop were snowed-in and unable to attend. Therefore, I will be teaching a make-up workshop this coming Saturday, April 25.
I will be sending out our new eNewsletter within the next couple of weeks. Every issue contains special offers on workshops and wildlife photographs available only to subscribers. If you would like your name added to our list contact me at:
Please note:  I respect your privacy and will never release your email address to other individuals.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

How to Sell Your Photographs

Photo Marketing Workshop
April 18, 2009
I will be conducting a photo marketing workshop in Estes Park, Colorado this month. Topics covered will range from selling images online to photography & writing. There are hundreds of people out there just waiting to purchase your images. During the workshop, you will learn who they are and how to contact them. I will teach you the marketing skills necessary to become a full time photographer. For information, contact me by email ( or telephone (303.747.2074). I would love to see you there.