Friday, July 18, 2008

The Time Is Now

Finally, what our country has needed for so terribly long . . . LEADERSHIP!

Vice President Al Gore has issued a challenge to the United States:   Shift our entire electricity sector to carbon-free wind, solar and geothermal power within 10 years, and use that power to fuel a nation-wide fleet of electrical vehicles.

"This goal is achievable, affordable and transformative," Gore told a Washington audience of over a thousand cheering supporters yesterday. "It represents a challenge to all Americans in every walk of life . . . to our political leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, engineers and to every citizen."

Petroleum may be in the present, but a carbon-free American society is on the horizon as depicted in the above photograph of a gas plant with newly constructed wind generators rising from the background.

Let's rally support behind Gore and Get 'er Done!

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