Monday, August 11, 2008

Home From Alaska

I am home from Alaska and finally returning to my normal routine, whatever that may be. This year's adventure in Lake Clark National Park, was undoubtedly, the best one ever. There were more bears, every day, at one time, at every location, than I have ever witnessed in my nine years to this location. Everyone in my group has a wonderful time and could hardly believe how close they were able to get to the bears. We photographed bears claming on the mud flats along Cook Inlet at low tide, grazing among the sedges, and chasing salmon to and fro in the streams. The weather was superb and so were the bears!
The top image depicts a juvenal brown bear with Iliamna Volcano in the background, while the second photograph shows a bear in silhouette on the mud flats along Cook Inlet at low tide.


Tabatha said...

Awesome images, glad you had a great time and made it home safely.
I still plan on tagging along with you to Alaska someday.

I love the juvenile bear with the volcano in the backdrop.

And I hope you had a very nice birthday!

Weldon Lee said...


Thank you very much for your wonderful comments and birthday greeting. I celebrated my birthday Scot (my youngest son) and his family who live in nearby Longmont. Colorado. It was great.

I also used the name - "Jewels" - that you suggested for my hummingbird image. You can check it out on my eGallery website at


andrea chiu said...

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