Friday, September 12, 2008

More From Colorado

The mountain goat kids are approximately three months old. The smaller critter is a pika and closely related to rabbits and hares. Pika do not hibernate, instead living beneath snow-covered boulders and dining on grasses and leaves harvested and stored during the summer.
Fall is just around the corner in the mountains of Colorado, where I live. It rained yesterday and throughout the morning in Allenspark, most likely dropping snow in the higher elevations.
The bull elk are already bugling and gathering their harems. I will be out in the field tomorrow, leading a workshop and photographing them. The afternoon will find me and my group indoors, where I will be teaching the digital equivalent of the dodging and burning techniques used by Ansel Adams.


Tabatha said...


I love the Pika, I didn't get any images of them when I was out in CO. Maybe next time, great shots though.
Take care,

Weldon Lee said...


Thanks for the comment. Pika are almost always on the move. It take a lot of patience to get a decent image. I'm really glad to hear from you and know that you're OK.. Been thinking about you and Rusty down there on the Texas coast with hurricane Ike coming ashore.

Greg said...

Awesome images Weldon!! I was so pleased to meet you that day. Seems like a great connection! You do awesome work! Look forward to seeing you next month in Estes Park!

Weldon Lee said...

Thank you Greg. I am humbled by your comments: and, I thank you for taking the time to post them on my blog. See you in Estes.

Anonymous said...

Mr Weldon .... great shots as always. Keep up the great work bud. Nice to see your blog going well. :))

How are the colors in CO? We're just starting to see some nice reds come in here in VA?

Catch you later,


Weldon Lee said...

Hey Mister Ed . . . as for colors in Colorado, I can only speak for the area around my home and in nearby Rocky Mountain National Park. Colors were at their peak in Allenspark this past Tuesday. By Thursday, the wind was already making its presence known. Rocky is reaching its peak just about now. I was able to make a couple of pretty nice images last week in Rocky during my workshop. So far, however, I've not had much time to do any thing with them.

I'm currently in Bangor, Maine, where I arrived around noon today. So far, the only color I've seen here was from the airplane just before landing. I'll be leaving for Millinocket on Sunday, our base while photographing moose in nearby Baxter State Park.