Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back from the Brink

Bald Eagle - Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, Alaska

Eagle Spirit watches over his charges

as they continue to return from the brink of extinction

caused by humans and the use of DDT.

Unfortunately, other toxic pesticides continue to be manufactured in the United States and shipped into other countries, particularly developing nations, where they are applied to crops. These poisons eventually find their way into the food chain of our wild brothers and sisters, where they continue to take their toll.

It doesn’t end there. These crops are then consumed by unsuspecting individuals, many of them living in the U.S., thus continuing the circle of poison.

This is the fifth release in my Mystic World series.

Only one remains. Any guesses regarding what species will be featured next?


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

This is as spectacular as all the others Weldon. VERY impressive!!

I did not realize that they still used and/or manufactured DDT there? I was banned here many years ago thank goodness but of course, others are manufactured in its place although none which are as bad. How sad it is that farmers etc resort to the use of these pesticides when there are so many natural products which can be used just as effectively without the side effects causing harm. This world is in such a sorry state and I am please I have become so reclusive!!

Raymond said...

Beautiful image Weldon, one of my all time favs.
It's sad that in this day and age we still have not fully comprehended the impact of pesticide/poison use on the food chain. Even now in my country farmers are allowed by law to place meat baits laced with poison on their land, to kill Crows and Foxes during lambing season. This barbaric practice has also led to the confirmed deaths of 19 raptors, 10 of these include White Tailed Eagle, Golden Eagle and Red Kite. The impact of this is a major concern. Our Golden Eagle Trust has a major project underway with the reintroduction of these three species back to Irish Skies once more.
There will be losses of birds through natural causes however the additional loss of juvenile and adult breeding birds through poisoning can have devastating effects on the overall success of the project. It is up to us all to fight our law makers to have these poisons removed from use forever across this planet. It's not going to be an easy war to win, but it's one we must fight.