Monday, February 11, 2013

Announcing the release of
my latest photograph . . .

"Bev, this one's for you!"

I have been an admirer of Bev Doolittle's art for many years. To say her paintings have inspired me would be an understatement. My Mystic World series was inspired by her. In case you're unfamiliar with Bev's work, I invite you to check out her website. Click HERE. You'll like what you see. I promise.

The image depicted above was also the result of being exposed to paintings, in particular her series, Hide and Seek. I came up with the idea some time back , but never did anything about it. Tons of wild horse images were in my files, but nothing suitable for a background.

Finally, this past Christmas day I was able to get the photograph that I needed. It had snowed earlier that morning and in anticipation, I had my camera with me as Lori and I drove down the South Saint Vrain Canyon from our home in Allenspark, on the way to my son's home in nearby Longmont, Colorado, where we had planned on opening presents and eating Christmas Dinner together. Suddenly, there it was, on the canyon wall next to the road . . . the image that I needed for so long. I stopped the truck. Backed up a few feet and parked along the roadside. The rest, as they say, is history.

Ordering is easy. Clicking HERE will take you to my website, where you'll find a description and pricing for various sizes and framing options. Since this image is not yet posted on our website, you will need to order it either by mail, or by calling my office (303/747-2074). If you decide to order by mail, you will find a down-loadable PDF order form on the "pricing" page.

In any event, I would love to know what you think about my newest release. Click on the "Envelope" icon below and post your comments.

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