Monday, November 29, 2010

Title ?

Bald Eagle - Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, Alaska
I need a title for this image. Please post your suggestions.
The valley was filled with fog the morning I made this image. As it started to burn off, I noticed this eagle perched on a nearby branch and began searching for a suitable backdrop for my image. As I looked, a hillside just across the valley began materializing through the fog. I framed the subject in the viewfinder, using the hillside as a backdrop and pressed the shutter, but was not completely satisfied with the results. I waited a few minutes as the fog continued to recede and repeated the process. Much better this time. The fog continued to burn off, as the eagle patiently waited. I looked at the scene again. This is what I wanted. I pointed my camera and pressed the shutter. This time I knew I had a winner. It was one of those gifts of nature. Thanks mom!
This image was made using an SB8Odx for fill flash mounted on a Nikon D2xs body. My 80-400mm VR lens was set to 110mm. Camera settings: ISO - 800; Aperture - f/14; Shutter Speed - 1/200 second; Exposure Compensation -0.7; White Balance - Cloudy; Color Space - Adobe RGB.
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Anonymous said...

My first thought was 'out on a limb" (in chilkat). Great work!! thanks for sharing !
Paul Pierce