Monday, January 5, 2009

President-elect Barack Obama has a website, where you can ask questions regarding issues that concern you; and, vote for or against issues raised by others.
Please go to this site and cast your vote regarding the need to protect our wild brothers and sisters.
1.  Sign in at   You will have to set up a log-in for yourself at that site to vote
2.  In the "Search questions" box, type the word WILDLIFE
3.  Every post containing the word wildlife will appear. Scroll through the list and cast your vote for those questions that address concern for protecting wildlife.
Please cast your vote as soon as possible, as the voting may close at any time.
Your vote will let the Obama Administration know that you, along will millions of other Americans, are concerned about the fate of our wild brothers and sisters.
Don't forget to post a question. Although not a question, this is what I posted (before eliminating a number of characters in order to fit the available space) . . .
There are so many issues facing our wild brothers and sisters - the stripping of legal protection for some and the failure to protect others. The problems are not limited to the U.S. They are global. Henry David Thoreau wrote, "In wildness is the preservation of the world." Let us cherish and protect those wild places and the creatures that inhabit them.

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