Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Few Ideas of My Own

Tabatha Osborne, a good friend and fellow photographer who posted a comment on the blog just below this one, asked for me send her an email containing a few of my ideas concerning an organization for the protection of wildlife around the world. However, I believe it is important that I also share my thoughts with others, especially since my vision regarding the proposed, new organization is all about YOU and our wild brothers and sisters.
First, I want to make it clear that the organization being formed will not belong to me or any other individual. My vision is that it will be a non-profit entity, administered by a group of individuals that share my love and passion for our wild brothers and sisters, along with an army of volunteers who share that same compassion. TOGETHER, WE CAN SAVE OUR WILD BROTHERS AND SISTERS.
Here are the steps . . .
Prioritize the issues and determine which one/ones to tackle first
  • Global climate change
  • Zero population growth
  • Save the Polar Bear
  • Wildlife corridors
Frame the issue creatively and buy the web domain
Build a website
  • Domain registrars (
Give people an action to take
  • Write their Representative (
  • Petition (
  • News
  • Organizing
Enlist complementary partners
  • Staff
  • Expertise
  • Connections
  • Money
Put together a business plan
  • non-profit
Form a broad coalition
  • Reciprocal links
  • Email blast
  • Press conference
Enlist a dedicated politician
Get publicity
  • talk shows
  • columnists
  • street actions
  • press conference
Ask for money
  • Paypal
Ideas for consideration:
   I.  Issues (locally and worldwide) that need to be addressed
       A.  Global warming and climate change
       B.  Habitat destruction
       C.  Apathy
       D. Stripping legal protection
       E.  Expose lies perpetrated by corporations and governments
       F.  Poaching
       G.  More greenbelts in metropolitan areas
       H.  Corridors between greenbelts, parks, and wilderness areas
     for the maintenance of healthy gene pools
      among animal populations
        I.  Zero population growth
        J.  Etc., etc., etc.
 II.  Focus on items that fall through the "cracks"
       of other environmental organizations
III.  Involve school children around the world
       A.  Develop syllabus
       B.  Make the syllabus to teachers at no cost to them
IV.  Utilize utube
       A.  Apply the Obama Campaign's method
     of using utube for success to our campaigns
       B.  Contact public frequently via email
     regarding issues and successes
       C.  Ask for small donations
 V.  Work together with other organizations
       on specific campaigns
I welcome any and all thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. Together, we can make a difference.

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